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For sustainable success in the Swiss healthcare system

About us

ZUTAT in the Swiss healthcare system

The entire Swiss healthcare system is made up of 500,000 people. Most of them are highly specialised, but very few actually have an overview of the entire system.

I’m one of the few people who does. My name is Rolf Müller, and I’m the founder of ZUTAT GmbH. As an impartial expert on the Swiss healthcare system, I am a reliable source of information for helping individuals to find their bearings within this system.

My company, ZUTAT, offers the services needed to:

  • Make a name for yourself as a provider of medical devices on the Swiss market
  • Understand the complex world of reimbursement
  • Develop ideas for new business models
  • Become more familiar with stakeholders within the healthcare system
  • Help patient organisations to offer their clients the best possible conditions

Rolf Müller, founder of ZUTAT GmbH

  • More than 15 years’ experience of working in the Swiss healthcare system
  • Qualified nursing professional, ongoing professional development in the areas of change management, project management, product management and marketing
  • Established expert on the conditions, structures and machinations of the Swiss healthcare industry
  • Hands-on experience in distribution, wholesale, logistics, and as an external influencer
  • Expertise that no amount of education can provide: a good sense of intuition when it comes to the Swiss healthcare system and its stakeholders
  • Founder of ZUTAT GmbH – an independent provider of insider knowledge on the Swiss healthcare system – at the suggestion of various exponents of the industry


My aim is to help you achieve your goals quickly

Your tasks are many and varied – but one question keeps coming back: How can I find out what I need to know?

Here are a couple of examples:

You might want to know if your range of services offers good prospects of reimbursement. And preferably sooner rather than later, since every day of uncertainty means more turnover lost. Or perhaps you want to be sure that compensation payments will last.

Maybe you need someone to support your entry onto the Swiss market.

Alternatively, you may want to know more about your market, market players and wider correlations.

The services I offer include:

  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Operative marketing plans
  • Market analysis
  • Project support during market entry
  • Handling requests for reimbursement in outpatient settings
  • Training/workshops on the subject of “The Swiss Ambulatory Market”


Our common objective: constructive collaboration

There is a little “&” concealed in the logo of my company. There’s more to it than just playing around with graphics – it symbolises a key tenet of the company: an ingredient (Zutat) can only ever be part of a whole.

My company needs YOU in order to work: You & ZUTAT.

Delivering the desired success will require close liaising, cultivating an open exchange of information and working constructively together. Such a collaboration generally unfolds as follows:

  • Goals are defined together
  • ZUTAT carries out an analysis: how can the objective be achieved, and what resources will be required?
  • Commission and allocation of roles are defined in a project team
  • The approach is discussed
  • A schedule is produced
  • Proposals are presented

The stakeholders in the Swiss healthcare system require a predictable basis to work with. This basis even takes changes that the healthcare system is yet to encounter into consideration.

That is why ZUTAT GmbH can claim to bring about “sustainable change” –  we consider possible future scenarios and use those scenarios as the basis for our strategies, thus providing our clients with sustainable success.

Target groups

Who benefits from ZUTAT?

  • Manufacturers or distributors of medical devices
  • Umbrella organisations in the medical industry
  • Public authorities/governmental departments
  • Health insurance companies
  • Patient organisations

And, last but not least, patients.

ZUTAT carries out the kinds of tasks that fall outside the areas of expertise of these target groups, thus allowing them to concentrate on their own strengths.


Why the name “Zutat”?
The fresher and tastier each individual ingredient, or “Zutat” in German, the better the flavour of the overall dish.
Adding or changing an ingredient can turn an everyday dish into a gourmet dining experience.
That’s exactly what I’m here for. I can help you to identify the “ingredients” in your range of services within the Swiss healthcare industry that offer something unique.
The German word “Zutat” also contains the word “Tat”, meaning action. I am just that – a man of action and experience. I leave dwelling on theories to others.


Why is external consultation necessary at all?
External consultation can provide a quick overview that demonstrates whether a market entry is of interest or not.
Moreover, most companies lack expertise in the highly complex area of reimbursement. Building up this expertise requires an enormous amount of effort, which rarely pays off as this expertise is only used selectively and at lengthy intervals. Anyone who does not constantly deal with the relevant subject matter will quickly lose touch with developments. I, however, deal with these topics on a daily basis and thereby continually broaden my wealth of knowledge with up-to-date experience.


What is our healthcare system suffering from?
I think we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, if not an increasingly expensive one. But I cannot provide the cure for the manifold causes that lead to the financial malaise that our healthcare system suffers from. I can help, though, by getting to the bottom of the symptoms and finding new solutions together with my clients – solutions that will create an efficient and accessible healthcare system for the future.


Do you also advise individual patients?
I refer patients with specific medical concerns to the appropriate specialist department and patient organisations. Therefore, the majority of questions can be cleared up quickly.


Will there not be a conflict of interests if you advise various stakeholders?
I inform my clients of any potential conflicts of interest. That way, each client can decide for him or herself if there is a conflict of interest and whether this represents a risk.


Does ZUTAT also sell products?
ZUTAT also aims to present new products to the relevant stakeholders and make them palatable. At the end of the day, these products should end up on a reimbursement list, as long as they are effective, economical and beneficial. From that point of view, we do sell products. In this particular case, a good seller knows more than just the legal requirements that are required for a product to obtain recognition. The seller also knows the ins and outs of the product, the indications, the general conditions, as well as both rival and substitution products. And the seller also knows better than to disregard emotional values.


Please feel free to get in touch:

Zutat GmbH
Rolf Müller
Dachlissen 42
8932 Mettmenstetten

+41 79 682 45 57
UID-Nr.: CHE-259.991.708